Shalom and welcome all Israeli Furries!

For your convenience our website is available in both English and Hebrew to ensure all Israeli furries can get their information easily!

למען הנוחות שלכם, האתר שלנו זמין לשימוש גם באנגלית וגם בעברית כדי שכל הפוריז הישראליים יוכלו לקבל את האינפורמציה שלהם בקלות!

במידה ואתם לא מעוניינים במידע על הקהילה, ורוצים להגיע ישירות לדף הקבוצות שלנו, לחצו כאן.

Welcome to the Israeli Furry website!

If you're not yet familiar with the fandom, and want to learn more about it, click here!

Sometimes it might seem that in a big community such as the Furry Fandom, there's not enough space for a country as small as ours.
This website was created to provide furries who live in Israel with new essential information on the Israeli Furry Fandom, and to represent our country in the Furry Fandom!

Our country has a couple big and active groups to chat in.

So you're an Israeli Furry, and you feel alone.

Worry not!! It may surprise you, but we estimate around 200-300 furries live in israel.
Unfortunately, it seems most of them don't know there exist social groups to chat with other furries from our country, and even real life meetups.
But you're not one of those! You're aware there's more of us, and you came directly to the right place!

The biggest, most active groups in our fandom are held on Discord, and Telegram.

Discord - Furry IL

The biggest furry server in Israel!
The Furry IL discord server prides itself with great management and events that brings the Israeli Furry fandom together.

Telegram - IL FurMeets

A group for organizing and discussing meetups!
Just a heads up, most people who meet up through there are usually above 18 :)

Telegram - ILFurs SFW 18+ / NSFW 18+

One of the oldest Israeli Furry groups to date.
The fandom currently does not have an all age friendly telegram group, and both SFW and NSFW groups require you to br 18+.
In order to join you need to go through a verification process.

What's the furry fandom?

The furry fandom consists of people who call themselves "furries", who are interested in anthropomorphic animal characters, which have human personalities and characteristics.The furry fandom surrounds around art, and self exploration through characters. We enjoy characters who often walk on two legs, and walk and talk like humans!

I heard furries are sexually attracted to animals. Is this true?

Not at all. You are mistaking a subculture that's celebrating art with a common interest, with something extremely invalid, called "Zoophilia".

Do furries believe they are animals?

No. Furries often portray themselves as animal characters to explore their identity, and their interest. People who believe for one reason or another that they are animals, are called Therians / Otherkin.

What's a "fursona"?

A fursona is a character (furry persona), which an individual creates, and may identify with in a variety of ways and varying degrees.A fursona might be made up of a person's personality and identity, and may be used as a way to explore oneself.

What's a "fursuit"?

A fursuit is a furry-suit. It is a costume of an animal, mostly an anthro animal, in which people perform in. Most often, a fursuit is a costume of someone's fursona.
Fursuits are a luxury, they're very expensive and they're custom made by Fursuit Makers.

I heard some people perform sexual activities in their fursuits. Is this true?

Yes, it is true. Most furries are above the age of 18, and since fursuits represent people's fursonas, and people's fursonas represent themselves and their identities, some consenting adults may find the appeal of having sexual activities in their suits.Most furries don't perform these activities, and a lot of furries aren't even into NSFW art anyway. The furry fandom is, once again, not about any adult themes, BUT as most furries are above 18, adult themes may come up, such as art and animation.

Does the furry fandom have a history?

YES! The fandom have been existing since around the 70's, and is full and rich with history.
We recommend watching this amazing documentary; "The Fandom" by Ash Coyote to understand further about our amazing fandom.

ברוכים הבאים לאתר קהילת הפוריז הישראליים!

לפעמים נראה שבקהילה כה גדולה כמו קהילת הפוריז העולמית, אין מספיק מקום למדינה קטנה כמו שלנו.
האתר הזה נוצר כדי לספק לפוריז הגרים בישראל מידע חיוני על קהילת הפוריז הישראלית, ולייצג את המדינה שלנו בקהילת הפוריז העולמית!

כמה פוריז גרים במדינה?

אנחנו משערים שבישראל ישנם באזור ה200-300 פוריז.
לצערנו, נראה שמרביתם לא יודעים על הקיום של קבוצות פוריז בהן ניתן לדבר עם פוריז אחרים מהמדינה!

מה היא קהילת הפוריז?

אנחנו משערים שבישראל ישנם באזור ה200-300 פוריז.
לצערנו, נראה שמרביתם לא יודעים על הקיום של קבוצות פוריז בהן ניתן לדבר עם פוריז אחרים מהמדינה!